First Friday Scranton Map

First Friday Scranton map: April 3, 2015

1. AFA Gallery – The Sum of Our Parts: Keystone College Senior Art Exhibition.

2. AFA Gallery (Upstairs) – Marywood in Paris: Various artists.

3. Ale Mary’s at The BittenbergerCharcoal, acrylic, pencil, pastels and digital art: Elijah Barrett.

4. Artwork’s Gallery & Studio – The Sum of Our Parts: Keystone College Senior Art Exhibition.

5. The Bog – The Cult Classic Collection: Screen prints, paintings and drawings by Ashley Kujat & Aaron Dale Johnson.

6. Broadway Theatre League of NEPA/ Ballet Theatre of Scranton - Tap Dancing from Anything Goes: Dancers from The Ballet Theatre of Scranton; music by DJ Jack Martin.

7. Citizens Savings Bank - Art in the Offices at Citizens Savings Bank: Scranton High School Art Major Students.

8. Courthouse Square (Spruce Street) - 

Intimate: The Pop Up Studio. Pop Up Studio’s Intimate seeks to initiate the community of Scranton to interact with one another over a shared experience and engage intellectually in a cultural dialogue as we consider what intimacy means to us as a collective and as an individual in an ever-changing, technologically advancing landscape.

Participants are invited to experience and engage in a series of anonymous, intimately designed events. Although each station will facilitate, and require, interaction with another participant, each moment is uniquely experienced alone, at a safe, anonymous distance. This anonymity, and distance seeks to allow authentic, intimate discourse without inducing mutual harm.

Intimate proposes that strong interpersonal, intimate interactions with others result from a greater understanding of ourselves as individuals. Each interaction at Intimate is an invitation for self-reflection.

9. Duffy Accesories – Reverdie – Oil Painting & Mixed Media: Sam Kuchwara; music by Lisa and the Flynnstones.

10. The Electric City Tattoo Gallery – Dizzy with a Dame: Lyndsey Hughes.

11. Exhale Hookah Lounge & Kabob Grill – Belly Dancing: Mallory.

12. Forage Space – Studio 27.28 Days:  Paintings by Kevin Margitich, Jonathan Slingluff, Leigh Slingluff.

13. The Library Express – Nature’s Expedition – Celebrating Autism Awareness month: Jenna Burrell. Jenna Burrell of Vandling, Pa has been a photographer since she was eight years old. At the age of 10, she was diagnosed with mild Asperger’s Syndrome and photographing images of nature proved to be wonderful therapy and a way to express her art.

14. Loyalty Barber Shop & Shave Parlor of Scranton – Various works by Revival Letterpress / Revival Dry Goods; music by Embrea and Old Charades.

15. Marquis Art and Frame – Venturing Trespasser: Drawings of Nature with an eerie and intriguing atmosphere by Sara Cortazar.

16. Mulberry 426 – Children at Play: Timmy Walsh Camera For A Cure; music by Aiden Jordan. Children at Play (to benefit the Children’s Advocacy Center).

17. NOTE Fragrances – Vintage kitchenwear & accessories by Bachestinks: Rachael Arnone.

18. Northern Light Espresso Bar – Original Artwork & Prints by Maria Grzybowski.

19.  The Post Home and Body – Maps of Memories: Tig & Conneys.

20. Terra Preta - Organic Abstract Symmetry: Michael T. Lloyd.

21. The Hilton Scranton & Conference Center – Sticks and Stones: Oona De Sade.

22. Eden – a vegan cafe – Abstract and Color: Sara Grier.



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