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Published: January 1, 2013

Annmarie Ciccarelli & Alexandra Price
January 4th – 19th
Opening reception on First Friday, January 4th, 6PM to 9PM


Annmarie Ciccarelli received her BA in Visual Art from Keystone College. Her work is usually abstract, combining bold color with organic and geometric shapes and has been exhibited throughout the region in juried and group exhibitions. Annmarie most recently exhibited in a group show at AFA in March 2012. She is currently an Artist in Residence with the Pennsylvania Council for the Arts and was awarded a Lackawanna County Arts and Culture Grant in 2010 for a collaborative project. In this exhibit, Annmarie will be showing a new series of mixed media work in response to her relationship with time:

“I have been working on a new series of mixed media work in response to my relationship with time. I recently turned 35, although many people would view me as a young woman, I feel the pressure of limited time to achieve my goals. I began to revisit my journals and sketch books from the last 15 years and discovered how many changes have occurred, the past mistakes and pain are no longer part of my life and record of them must be destroyed. The systematic destruction of the journals has built a textural background in which to place images from my sketch books, drawings and paintings from the past together in a new way. This removes the negative past and replaces it with a changed view that each experience has shaped my art and views for today and for the future.”

Alexandra Price believes that the most interesting aspect of painting is the process, the struggle to bring an idea from one place to exceeding it in another. As someone notorious for spending unfathomable amounts of time on pieces of artwork before covering them up with just a few strokes of the brush, she enjoys leaving hints or memories of what was, what is, and what will come alive on the surface. Price has shown her work at venues such as Marquis Art and Frame in Scranton, Pennsylvania and the Summit Visual Arts Center in Summit, New Jersey with pieces ranging from narrative oil paintings to contemporary graffiti. As a third year student at Marywood University, she is fresh to the showing world after establishing her artistic view in her hometown of Fanwood, New Jersey where she takes up permanent residence outside of time dedicated to the fulfillment of her BFA in painting.

Price is currently focused on experimentation in oil painting regarding the relationships between primarily saturated colors, effects of line, and her niche with in subject matter, along with the continuation in pursuing her degree. In the future she believes being an artist by profession and passion will be her paramount lifestyle but also shows interest in exploring other art connected avenues such as the enhancement of her art history schooling to venture into the museum world.

This current exhibition will focus on her “My Colorful Personalities” series, a group of oil painted, figurative works created over time that is based off of three main components. These include saturated color, making something live on the canvas whether it is an energy or illusion of movement, and confession of process through line:

“In one piece of art that I birth, there can be a million different emotions that live through it and I strive for the canvas to tell the viewer its own life story. What is left to live on the surface also conveys hints or memories of the layers beneath while each piece emanates its own distinct personality.”

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