Safe port in any storm

November 15, 2012 | By administrator

Memories of the warmth of the summer sun certainly feel distant at this time of year. Reinforcing this was an unseasonably warm October First Friday that gave way to colder temperatures coupled with a winter storm, which blew through the east coast early in November. Times like these call for great rallying of community support and an enlightening and entertaining moment, which is just what First Friday Scranton provided on November 2nd.

A safe port in any storm, First Friday delighted the sense with colorful displays of fabric, kinetic interpretations, comic illustrations, and more. There was no shortage of existential exercises that also included performance art pieces, macroscopic focusing, and an examination of the reflective power of art. Where else can these pleasures be found in one close-knit walking distance? And for those of you who missed out Friday is coming your way December 7th so gather your kith and kin and make a plan.

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